Why Imprint? Well, it’s a word with myriad meanings, the significance of which takes inspiration from the following definitions:

Meaningful Content

Content that aims to leave a lasting mark, as an imprint would. The aim is to cover topics that bring value, covering themes that are meaningful and motivational.

Publishing Roots

In the world of Publishing, an imprint signifies a subsidiary brand, which gains its own identity from the style of content published, words we identify with on some level. Identity is an important point to focus on, as building a brand is about creating and enforcing an identity and a holistic brand narrative.

Health & Fitness

The imprint in STOTT Pilates is a subtle movement, or ‘tool’ to provide more abdominal support in order to maintain a safe and stable position with the body during movement. It is used as a stepping stone to build one’s strength, which is relevant here in building a path towards a stronger brand and a more stable and successful business model.

So three very different meanings and one very simple word, lending itself nicely to a podcast blog (blogcast) that’s essentially a mish mash of a passion for words and a love of sport.

Features by: Sarah Zakzouk / @well.red