I‘m very much a ’90s child, and when I heard that there was a new skate club in town, my inner teenager was super excited to get involved. I spent a lot of my childhood outdoors, and my teenage years in baggy jeans and rollerblades, so this was very much up my street – just add a hint of tie-dye and TLC into the mix and my 13-year old self will feel right at home.

Skate club Dubai

Sports can be intense, so it’s always great when you find that happy medium between fitness and fun – you know you’re getting the exercise in, but you’re also just having a bit of a laugh. I’ve been in Dubai five years now, and I’ve been wanting to get back into a pair of rollerblades for a while, so when I heard about SKT, I thought it was pretty perfect timing, (if not five years late of course).

Dubai is the perfect city for a skate club, what with all these amazing outdoor spaces to skate around – from the Palm Jumeirah to Dubai Design District, JLT and Dubai Marina. Helya, Gemma and Schila are the three ladies running SKT; currently based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Berlin, they run weekend sessions across various locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, taking us back in time with a dedicated SKT playlist – a mashup of retro ’90s beats and old school hip hop (I am literally in my element).

skating in Dubai

The concept is simple: social meets active and SKT gives you a fun way to get fit – it’s an awesome way to work out and it’s just so damn good for the soul. From a fitness perspective, skating is a fantastic way to burn calories; it’s low impact and easy on the joints, and it’s one of those sports that doesn’t feel like hard work. You can go with friends and have a catch up while you’re skating, get a nice little tan while you’re out on the corniche, or you can head out solo and meet new people in the club, so it’s a great way to meet like-minded people in the city – particularly if you’re a newbie looking to make friends.

Now you might ask about the seasonality of a skate club in the UAE, but fret not, come summer the sessions will be moving indoors with SKTfit – a mixture of HIIT and core workouts, and yes you guessed it, all in skates. I’m looking forward to what’s coming next for Team SKT.

Oh and you don’t have to have your own skates, though I did just purchase a brand spanking new pair – you can rent them from SKT, just give them a little heads up on your size when you sign up for a session at www.weareskt.com/sessions. The club is suitable for beginners to advanced skaters, because it’s really just about getting together and enjoying a skate around the city while rocking out to ’90s vibes. Sign up! I know you want to.

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