Hair care is a a serious business, and from the perspective of a sporty girl, or boy, it’s a necessity. Daily fitness sessions equate to a whole lot of showers – particularly in a hot environment like Dubai. We also do a lot on watersports in this city, so we’re constantly in and out of the water; whether it’s chlorine or salt that’s giving our tresses a hard time, we need to keep the hair care in check.

The treatment you choose will depend on the natural quality of your hair, and its natural resilience – as well as all the external factors which include the water we wash our hair with, the climate, etc. I find that the older (and wiser) I get, and the more heat and sunshine my hair endures, the more dry the overall texture is becoming. So I thought it was time for a bit of hair care advice. I caught up with five sporty girls here in Dubai, for some tips on hair treatment, and how they keep their locks looking lovely all year round.


Christine Zanon

yoga dubai

I use Aveda products for dry hair, because my hair is super frizzy. I apply both shampoo and conditioner, and once a week I use a mask. All products I use are from the same line – I haven’t tried any other products that actually make my hair feel as nourished and healthy as Aveda products do, which is why it’s my go-to!

Product: Aveda Smooth Infusion (shampoo and conditioner) and Aveda Dry Remedy mask.

Available at Aveda in Galleria Mall.


Karen Mattar


I never really took care of my hair; I used to wash it every other day, sometimes every day, and then I left it to dry. I recently started to take care of my hair, especially with the weather here in Dubai. I try to wash it only twice a week to keep it healthy and shiny. I use shampoo and conditioner without sulfate and paraben, and moisturise it with a cream once a week.

Product: Hask Monoi Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, and Hask Argan Oil Deep Conditioner.

Available at Spinneys.



Amanda Rushforth

wakesurfing dubai

I am constantly in and out of the water – exposed to salt and chlorine, which takes a toll on my hair, and I need to keep it moisturised so it doesn’t go dry and brittle. I deep condition my hair once a week with a L’Occitane hair mask (there are plenty of options). I use a colour-protecting shampoo (even though I don’t colour my hair), simply because it’s a little more gentle than regular shampoo. I no longer dye my hair, so I don’t need to use a specialised product, and my hair has regained it’s natural colour and natural resilience.

Product: L’Occitane hair mask.

Available at Spinneys.,83,1,30015,1069500.htm


Katie Moore

weightlifting dubai

When it comes to hair care my advice is to try to let your hair air dry as much as possible and only use heat at the end to style. Try not to brush your hair when it’s wet because that is when it’s at it’s weakest – instead, run your fingers through it to get rid of any major knots. Apply a hair mask at least once a week and leave on for a good while (I sleep in mine overnight). Always use a heat protection spray when styling, and learn some hair styles which work well to manage your hair in between washes – my two favourites are braids and a slick pony tail!

Product: It varies.

Available at


Alex Thomson

dubai runner

I try and keep my hair care routine quite natural; I’m lucky that I really like my natural hair colour so I don’t dye my hair. I make sure my diet is high in protein to give my hair strength (also important for me because I don’t eat meat). I have had keratin treatments in my hair three times over the last year, and that’s made a huge difference because I’m letting my hair dry naturally now, whereas before I’d be blow-drying and straightening it every time I washed it.

I’ve been using Organic Care products for about ten years now – not only are they completely organic, the bottles are 100% recyclable and they don’t test any of their products on animals, Basically, they’re a very environmentally conscious product. I swap between the Dry Nourish, Balance, and Heat Protect – depending on how my hair is feeling.

Product: Organic Care: Dry Nourish, Balance, and Heat Protect.

Available at: LuLu Hypermarket (cheapest), or Spinneys.


So a few hair care tips to take away with you this weekend from five girls who do a lot of sports day in, day out. Even if you have a pretty solid hair care routine, it’s good to change it up every 6-8 weeks, just to give your hair a rest from those products, and keep things fresh by trying new treatments every now and then. Happy weekend!




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