Wake surfing; it’s a huge trend in Dubai right now, well water sports are in general, particularly when it’s scorching hot out there, and it’s definitely one to try out if you’re an aquaholic and want a bit of a workout in the water.

wake surfing dubai

I got into the sport last year, and I am totally hooked – only issue is, it doesn’t come cheap! You’re looking at about AED500-550 an hour, so split it between two to make your money go further, and you’ll have more than enough time to practice. You can get a whole group involved, but the more people you add, the more time you’re going to need, otherwise you won’t really feel like you’re improving from session to session. So I would say book a 2-hour ride for 4 people.

I am still a beginner, so I don’t have any fancy tricks just yet, but this is definitely a sport that gives you room to progress, and there is nothing better than ending a session having achieved something new.


1. Starting out. You start off in the water, holding on to the rope, feet about shoulder distance apart on the board.

2. Getting up. The aim is to let the rope pull you, so you don’t pull the rope in towards you, and as the boat slowly begins to move forwards, you will begin to shift your body weight onto the board, as you roll up into a standing position.

3. Positioning. Your body will move quite naturally to maintain its stability, turning the board in the direction of travel, with either your left foot taking the lead – ‘regular’ positioning, or your right foot in front – which is known as ‘goofy’ positioning.

4. The wake. The speed of the boat will influence the shape, pitch and length of the desired wake. Once this desired speed is achieved, the surfer will then need to find the ‘sweet spot’ in the wake, which is when the rope will go slack, and is no longer needed.

5. Toss the rope. And voila! You’re wake surfing.

wake surf dubai

6. The face plant. Am afraid this does tend to happen quite a lot when you’re starting out. If you’re about to fall, then let go of the rope so you don’t get dragged along in the water.

wake surfing face plant

There are plenty of wake surfing companies to try out in Dubai – no matter where you live, it’s really accessible. There’s Fahrenheit Beach SportsWake Evolution, Sea Riders UAE and Xtreme Wake – check them out and get started!


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