OK so January came and went pretty quickly, and I did what I do every year – I set myself a list of New Year’s resolutions and I didn’t really stick to any of them in the first month. I certainly didn’t sustain my January detox and so here I am beginning February with a healthy lifestyle in mind.

challenging goals 2017

The problem is that too many New Year’s resolutions are really difficult to actually keep going for a sustained period of time, so we end of scrapping them all together. So how do we maintain those goals? Well, instead of focusing on removing too many things from your life, think of things to add to it that bring value. Cutting out sugar or salt, or alcohol is all very well, and certainly beneficial from a health perspective, but going cold turkey doesn’t work for everyone, so it’s always a good idea to add small goals that don’t feel too much like hard work, that will make you feel a sense of accomplishment every day – even if they are very simple.

If like me, you are recalibrating from February 2017, then these are a few things to consider when deciding on your goals for 2017:

1. Review your goals and achievements from 2016. Look at what you achieved, or wanted to achieve but maybe didn’t quite get round to in 2016. Make that a priority for 2017, and if it’s still a little daunting, then break it up into smaller, more manageable goals over a month-by-month period to track progress.

2. Add basic exercise into your daily routine. Depending on your fitness level and the job that you do, this could be as simple as taking the stairs to your office instead of the lift. It could mean parking further away from the office in order to get more steps in. Setting small, achievable goals and tracking them is what works best. You then increase the challenge week on week and see your fitness improve.

exercise goals 2017

3. Make a list of places to travel to – and make them different. Everybody needs a bit of motivation, and having travel ideas planned out in advance can do wonders for productivity. For 2017 try to branch out a little by planning a trip somewhere out of your comfort zone – it doesn’t necessarily have to be far and remote, it could just be a little more on the rustic side than you are used to, or it could be more active than your usual trips. Experiment with food on your travels, and don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track.

4. Learn a new skill. We are curious creatures by nature, and there is always something to learn – whether that be cooking a new dish, or trying out a new sport – maybe you want to expand your technical knowledge for career advancement. Learning a new skill can only be a good thing for both your self-esteem and your personal repertoire, so get your thinking caps on for 2017 skills.

learning goals 2017

5. Meet new people. Surrounding yourself with different people is really important in terms of growth and development as a person. It’s good to meet new people on a business level and for general sociability – and it’s great to mix with locals when travelling. Gaining different perspectives on things helps us to shape our views on the world, other people, ourselves even. Meeting new people comes easy to some, whereas others need a bit more encouragement – so if that’s you, then make this one of your 2017 goals.

6. Climb a mountain. You don’t have to take this literally, I meant it metaphorically for most. But also, actually climbing a mountain is a great task to set yourself for 2017. You just need to work out what that metaphorical mountain is – something you see as a huge challenge, but something you really want to overcome this year. It could be anything, but it will be personal to you and once you climb that mountain, you won’t feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Unless you have a lot of mountains to climb, so maybe set a list of peak priorities.

challenging goals 2017

7. Focus on health and overall wellness. Think longevity with your 2017 challenge, because not everything is a short-term goal – health for example is for the long term, and what you do now impacts what you do/ who you are later. So maybe you need to reassess your diet, or perhaps you should put a gym plan together, or cut down on those cigarettes? Body = temple and all that jazz.

Looks like you’re all set. And if you’re a social media fiend, then it might be a good idea to take a little social media detox in 2017, or little detoxes periodically, just to recalibrate. Here are 9 reasons why it’s good to have a social media detox every now and then.


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