Now don’t get me wrong, social media is a formidable tool – it is powerful and impactful in many different ways – some better than others of course. However, every now and then it is important to unplug and unwind. We may live in a largely digital domain, but a social media detox never did any harm, every once in a while. Here are 9 reasons why:

1. There’s no pressure. Do those things because you want to, not because the picture would look great on Instagram. Too many people feel the pressure to present their amazing experiences to the world, when really, you should just be enjoying the moment. Selfie deaths are a thing you know.

social media detox

2. You will focus more. Social media can be distracting at the best of times, but sometimes you don’t realise just how often you are reaching for your phone to check on the latest notification, or lack of.

3. You will be more productive. Stop grabbing for your phone! (OK guilty as charged).

4. You will appreciate the moment you’re in. We often watch breath-taking scenes through the lenses of our cameras, or iPhone screens, just so we capture them on film. Maybe try watching without the screen next time, and feel the difference.

5. You will probably sleep better. Ditch the updates and the hashtagging for just a little while – even a day, just to clear your mind and go to bed less preoccupied.

6. Your life will be less comparable. Social media gets us all caught up in comparisons: beach pictures from faraway exotic islands, or those epic fluffy cloud Instagram shots from high up above, and don’t get me started on the perfect body snap. Try to be more content with life as it is, rather than comparing to the lives of others.

7. Mindfulness. Just practice a little meditation and see where that gets you – 10 minutes a day is a great routine to get into. Switch everything off so you don’t hear the sound of your Facebook notifications, you don’t feel the incessant buzz of your phone in your pocket, you don’t see the screen flashing to life every few seconds. You will be surprised at the simple everyday sounds that you do hear instead.

social detox

8. You will be more present. Just posted a new update and wondering what the world makes of it? Or maybe you’re thinking about the next update to share? Be present in your conversations, at the dinner table, in your 9am work meeting. Your phone can wait.

9. #FOMO. The ‘Fear of Missing Out’ is real, but the suggestion is that you occupy your time with valuable things and interesting people, so really you aren’t missing out at all – you’re just not sharing all the information with the world.

Now I didn’t say stop it all together did I? It depends what you use social media for, and on what level, but in today’s digital world, everybody should have an idea about social media, because Like it or not, it’s here to stay, and it’s likely to get bigger and bigger. So once you’ve had your detox, here are 6 reasons why social media is good for you – to remind you why you didn’t quit it altogether.

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